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ES_1783 - Cracker SnackWarm Vegetable Salad w/Green Goddess MousseES_1894 - Oysters on the Half ShellES_1904 - Chicken Wings (view 1)ES_1907 - Chicken Wings (view 2)Slow Poached EggSlow Poached EggES_1932 - Lobster Roll (view 1)ES_1942 - Lobster Roll (view 2)ES_1953 - Philly Cheese SteakPotato Leek and Fennel SoupES_1581 - Petits Fours I: The Classics (view 1)ES_1591 - Petits Fours I: The Classics (view 2)ES_1621 - Petits Fours II: Carnival Fare"New England Clam Chowder"Warm Mushroom SaladGrilled Cheese & Tomato SoupGrilled Cheese & Tomato SoupES_1841 - Grilled Cheese (view 1)Grilled Cheese

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